Life Hacks for Limited Futures

We’re a group of friends who meet to talk about getting and being older, and what we can do to have happiness and wellbeing when we are older.

We’ve all felt the benefit of having the time to talk about the issues that come with being older, and made this blog to share our reflections and some of the resources we have created.

There are 12 articles and you can read them here.

Life Hacks group members

Sue Ball

Sue Ball is tipping over into her 60’s now. She works as a freelance arts and culture producer and is a founder member of Leeds Creative Timebank. Maintaining a reasonable level of health and wellbeing can be a hard fight in these times of Covid but that’s her aim.

Garry Barker

Garry Barker is an artist who has also taught art for over 45 years. He is still an artist and as he gets older he tries to make art that reflects the fact that he is getting older.

David Honeybone

David is a retired solicitor. A Londoner by birth, he moved to Leeds for work in 1979 and have lived here ever since.  He has lived alone since his wife died in 2007. Among David’s many interests the most important is art, having completed a part time degree in Fine Art as a mature student. Before becoming a solicitor he worked as a research economist in Uganda and Zambia. He has two daughters, both married, and two grandchildren.

Jonathan Lindh

Jonathan Lindh 61, is conducting a live experiment in aging whilst juggling with family life, socialising, full time work as an architect, music making and bird watching. He has still yet to write a novel or start up a micro gin distillery. But there maybe still time.

Ian Richardson

Ian Richardson (67) is a retired business owner. Ian has lived in Leeds for most of his life and is married with two stepsons. He and his wife have a Jack Russel dog called Ron who keeps Ian active. 

Harriet Walsh

Harriet Walsh is hoping that all the things in the wish list will be in her life as she gets older and is looking forward to journeying with the Life Hacks for Limited Futures group. Now in her 60s, she still thinks that sometimes the most practical solution to a problem is to sort it out for ourselves.

Jane Wintringham

Jane Wintringham aged 60. Interested in the secrets of ageing well and the challenge of solo ageing.  Favourite saying ‘Get a grip’.

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